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TimmiT editing, writing, procurement

TimmiT provides editing and writing services for your business or technical document, request for proposal (RFP), proposal, and contract. TimmiT helps you design your RFP evaluation process and criteria, and can teach your staff how to do this. TimmiT acts as fairness monitor for your competitive procurement. All this is based on a solid engineering and procurement background with practical experience in the private and public sectors in Canada.


TimmiT History Exploration Notebook (THEN)

The TimmiTHistory Exploration Notebook (THEN) presents information about historical locations in Yukon, CANADA. It provides historical, economic, and sometimes geological context along with directions so you can go visit these locations yourself, perhaps as destination hikes.


TimmiT Info Maps for GPS (TIMaps)

The TimmiT Info Maps (TIMaps) are specialized maps of small areas of Yukon for your GPS receiver. They are in Garmin Custom Maps (.kmz) format. You can download all these maps for free.


TimmiT's Plates Yukon

Plates Yukon documents the different variations and patterns in Yukon licence (license) plates. The focus is on newer plates because the amount of variation is greater and the information is more readily available. Up to now, the types and variations of more-modern plates have been under documented. Information on older plates will appear in due course, working backward in time.


TimmiT Procurement Library

The TimmiT Procurement Library provides references and resources to help with procurement planning. It includes the TimmiT Rules of Procurement series of short video clips.


TimmiT Podcasts

The TimmiT podcasts are actually more like audio books in podcast form. They're free, of course. Or you can get them from Apple Podcasts and other podcast sources.

Yukon, On the Marge is about Chuck, Mara, their six-year-old daughter Alex, and their golden retriever Quark who run the Walnut Crescent Bed and Breakfast in Whitehorse. They take turns telling about the quirky situations and people they encounter. Is life in Yukon really that close to the frontier of eccentricity?

Great for listening on road trips!


TimmiT Toolbox

The TimmiT Toolbox has two types of tools:


TimmiT's Not Back Yet (NBYet)

The TimmiT Not Back Yet service sends an automatic email alert if you do not check in before the time you specify. This might be useful if you encounter some delay in a back-country trip and want someone else to know where you have gone.

Note that this service is NOT YET IN OPERATIONAL USE. Testing is in progress. If this service is of interest, please contact TimmiT.


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